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My Bio

Angella Summer Namubiru is a Ugandan actress, model, media personality, content creator, and TikTok star, who is especially known for vlogs and TikToks through which she narrates her daily life in rural Uganda on her TikTok account. In her content she advocates for social issues like awareness on the health dangers of skin bleaching, equal rights for women and children, access to clean drinking water and protection of the environment. She is the co-founder of Blacare, an NGO and community defending the same causes.

My Story

I was born in Butakesu, a beautiful village in rural Uganda where nature still defines the course of time, and the river still flows untouched. In fact, the village that raised me is so humbly small that you probably might not even find it on google maps. My father left for the spiritual realm at an age where i barely understand the void he had left in me, but my mother did her best to give me everything and make me see beauty in everything. In some societies it seems woman are punished for being widows, but my mother was strong, against all odds, a trait God ended up blessing me with too.

Butakesu was a pleasant place, full of innocence and joy, but despite all that, villages and it’s people can be cruel and mean without actually meaning harm. Intentions may not have been there, but the way I was treated for my skin complexion that finds itself on the darker side of humanity’s wonderful color palette was not as fair as it may seem. I was shamed for it, by teachers and students alike, making me wander and even ask my mother “Why did’n you choose a white man as my father?”. It took a great deal of strength to live with the never ending social pressures of dark complexion. The good and the bad sides of a little “Muganda” girl in Butakesu. They would say things like ”When I look at you all i see is darkness”, shattering my heart; and some would add to that “But when you smile we are blinded by your beautiful teeth.”

All of this, the ugly words and the beautiful nature, the shaming actions and the tuff love. The combination of all I went through creates personality, it bends the character and mends the scars.

Little would I know that my skin would become a token, i carry it like a queen carries her mantle, i cherish it and teach the lessons of my journey to all those who want to hear it.

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May my story and the message it carries travel along the river from Butakesu to the world and inspire all the people suffering from being different on either end of the the human color rainbow. Blessings come from the most unexpected places, in my case, what seemd to be a curse ended up paving my life with the love and support from people who follow me and my humble rural story not despite, but because of the beauty of my skin.